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The 9 Best Free Apps to Learn Vietnamese For Travelers

Traveling to Vietnam soon? Being in a foreign place is sometimes scary but if you know the basics, no need to fret! We got you covered. Whether it’s asking for directions or asking for a cup of coffee, we’ll help you navigate through the easiest and best apps to use to equip yourself before heading to the Land of the Ascending Dragon.

Here are the top 5 Apps to learn whether you’re using iOS or Android


Best App for Audio Visual Learners 

When it comes to the top app being used by beginners, VietnamesePod101 hits our list! If you’re an audio visual learner, this is the best app for you!

There are lots of audio and visual materials you can use which are given by native speakers! Who else can give the best and accurate lessons if not the native themselves, right? If you get the paid subscription, you can even get interactive quizzes and printable worksheets on the go!

You can even get someone to help you with the language if you want a more extensive learning. This is, however, not suitable for traditional learners as the app is very interactive.

I am an audio-visual learner myself and I tend to remember things better when I see and hear how a language should be spoken. I lose that fear of mispronouncing any word and those printable worksheets on the go? Perfect for someone who’s always busy like me. I can answer them when I’m able to have some free time on my hands!


Best Communicative App 

Next up on our list is iTalki. Coming from the name itself, you’ll surely talk a lot after using and mastering this app!

What we like about this app is that you can choose a personal tutor who can really assist you with the lessons and be able to converse with them in your own free time no matter where you are and where they are around the world!

Tutors set their rates so if you’re no longer a beginner, you can change your tutor and move to intermediate or advanced level! Of course, not everyone can get the right tutor during their first try but don’t worry, there’s a lot of tutors you can choose from.

I personally like this app too. I’m a person who likes to talk and I take correction of mistakes as constructive! Who are we without there corrected mistakes anyway, right? 

 For someone who is really keen on expanding vocabulary and practice it with someone somewhere around the world. After all, you can also enrich your culture knowledge with this and maybe know some more about Vietnam aside from their language only. If the conversation gets going, you might even end up knowing the ins and outs and even the trade secrets of Vietnam!


Best App for Competitive Learners

If you love challenges and are competitive, here’s the app for you! Not only does it promote camaraderie but it also ensures you learn while being challenged by other Mondly players around the world! For someone competitive like me it really keeps me on my toes. I’m sure I’m not the only one! Who doesn’t like winning, right?

This is a game-based app wherein it challenges its users with weekly and monthly challenges! You can play with anyone who has this app also wherever you are! It involves real-life scenarios to equip each student with possible actual events. Its quick lessons are perfect for those beginners who are always on-the-go.

Did we mention this game is so interactive that it has AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and even Oxford Assessment Exams should you want to take it up a notch. The added feature on this app is that it also caters to kids. Isn’t that a great way to start them young? Although this app is perfect for beginners, we don’t recommend this for advanced learners as it has limited resources.


Best Basic Writing App 

Ling-a-ling ding dong! Yes, next up on our list is an app made by no other than Vietnamese Natives!

Learning curves come in different approaches. Some may learn through interaction, some may learn through speaking while some quickly learn when writing. This is what this app is for! If you think your learning curve is through writing first and then speaking then go and download this app! It uses chatbots however if your really want to dive deep into writing their basic alphabet then start off with this one

If you’re too shy to talk to an actual person then maybe this app is the best for you! Get to converse with chatbots and play some interactive games and answer some quizzes. Although this app does not offer any slow-motion for pronouncing words, it offers alphabet tracing for those who want to focus on writing the language.

#5 Duolingo

Drum rolls please! Last but definitely not the least.. Duolingo!

This is a forever free app although if you don’t like being interrupted by ads, you have to subscribe to the paid version. If you’re good with listening skills then you can definitely try this app. This is a great app to use if you’re starting with basic words first. Not recommended for intermediate to advanced as the lessons are really simple, however what’s amazing with this app is it teaches you the Northern and Southern dialect of Vietnamese.

 If you’re keen on learning both dialects then maybe this app can teach you more than a thing or two. Although it’s free, you also have to have unlimited patience when it comes to their ads as it comes… a lot! But nontheless, good app to also start learning the very basic of Vietnames.

Whatever App You Use

Does it really matter what app you use as a beginner? What matters is that it aligns with your requirements and features are suitable for you. The apps mentioned has features that differs from another and one or two is most likely to hit you right on the spot! I’m talking about not just for Vietnamese but for other languages as well. What better way to widen your vocabulary and knowledge than to immerse yourself with self learning apps. I’m a life-long learner myself and who doesn’t want to learn for free right? Of course the paid ones has it’s perks too but if you’re still trying to navigate which one suits your palate, might as well try these apps I’ve listed out for you.

 Learning another language has always been an edge among others and what other better way than to learn them at your own pace. So, when will you start speaking Vietnamese?

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