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List of All Udacity Free Courses (May 2022 Updated)

This article provides a list of all Udacity free courses for every learning category. So pick your course and start learning!

Udacity is a reputable online learning platform that hosts a wide range of eLearning courses — from computer programming to positive psychology.

And while Udacity mostly offers paid courses, it has free courses that give you an overview of the whole Udacity learning experience. With this, I have created a list of all the free courses offered by Udacity for each learning category in this article.

List of All Udacity Free Courses (May 2022 Updated)

Free Artificial Intelligence Courses
Free Autonomous Systems Courses
Free Business Courses
Free Cloud Computing Courses
Free Cybersecurity Courses
Free Data Science Courses
Free Product Management Courses
Free Programming & Development Courses
Free Career Courses

If you’re looking for ways to learn new skills for free, searching from the courses below might be just for you.

Free Artificial Intelligence Courses

AWS Machine Learning Foundations Course
Intro to Machine Learning using Microsoft Azure
AI Fundamentals
Linear Algebra Refresher Course
Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning
Big Data Analytics in Healthcare
Intel® Edge AI Fundamentals with OpenVINO™
Artificial Intelligence
Secure and Private AI
Model Building and Validation
Data Visualization and D3.js
Machine Learning for Trading
Machine Learning
Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce
Real-Time Analytics with Apache Storm
A/B Testing
Data Analysis with R
Knowledge-Based AI: Cognitive Systems
Introduction to TensorFlow Lite
Introduction to Computer Vision
Intro to TensorFlow for Deep Learning
Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues
Intro to Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence for Robotics
Intro to Deep Learning with PyTorch
AWS DeepRacer
Reinforcement Learning
Introduction to Machine Learning Course

Free Autonomous Systems Courses

Cyber-Physical Systems Design & Analysis
Differential Equations in Action
Self-Driving Fundamentals: Featuring Apollo

Free Business Courses

Getting Started with Google Workspace
Rapid Prototyping
Creating an Analytical Dataset
Problem Solving with Advanced Analytics
Classification Models
Product Design
Segmentation and Clustering
Time Series Forecasting
App Marketing
App Monetization
A/B Testing for Business Analysts
How to Build a Startup
Get Your Startup Started
Managing Remote Teams with Upwork

Free Cloud Computing Courses

Google Cloud Digital Leader Training
Cloud Native Fundamentals
Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals

Free Cybersecurity Courses

Intro to Information Security
Cyber-Physical Systems Security
Network Security

Free Data Science Courses

Database Systems Concepts & Design
Intro to Data Analysis
SQL for Data Analysis
Intro to Inferential Statistics
Data Analysis and Visualization

Free Product Management Courses

Product Manager Interview Preparation

Free Programming & Development Courses

Microsoft Power Platform
Web Tooling & Automation
Front End Frameworks
Responsive Web Design Fundamentals
How to Install Android Studio
Android Basics: Multiscreen Apps
Website Performance Optimization
iOS Networking with Swift
JavaScript Design Patterns
Android Basics: User Input
Android Performance
Responsive Images
Xcode Debugging
Gradle for Android and Java
JavaScript Promises
UIKit Fundamentals
Android Basics: User Interface
Client-Server Communication
What is Programming?
Building High Conversion Web Forms
Advanced Android App Development
Software Architecture & Design
Authentication & Authorization: OAuth
Intro to iOS App Development with Swift
Introduction to Operating Systems
Android Basics: Networking
Web Accessibility
Android Basics: Data Storage
Scalable Microservices with Kubernetes
Developing Android Apps with Kotlin
Browser Rendering Optimization
Learn Swift Programming Syntax
Offline Web Applications
Kotlin for Android Developers
UX Design for Mobile Developers
Software Development Process
Data Visualization in Tableau
Intro to Progressive Web Apps
Writing READMEs
Software Analysis & Testing
iOS Persistence and Core Data
Computer Networking
Firebase Analytics: iOS
Human-Computer Interaction
2D Game Development with libGDX
Intro to jQuery
How to create <anything> in Android
Introduction to Graduate Algorithms
Dynamic Web Applications with Sinatra
How to Make a Platformer Using libGDX
JavaScript Testing
Object-Oriented JavaScript
Localization Essentials
Compilers: Theory and Practice
HTML5 Canvas
Object Oriented Programming in Java
Designing RESTful APIs
GT – Refresher – Advanced OS
Intro to JavaScript
Grand Central Dispatch (GCD)
Continuous Integration and Deployment
Swift for Beginners
Intro to Statistics
Intro to HTML and CSS
Developing Android Apps
Introduction to Python Programming
Introduction to Virtual Reality
Objective-C for Swift Developers
Interactive 3D Graphics
Full Stack Foundations
High Performance Computer Architecture
Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers
Shell Workshop
Core ML: Machine Learning for iOS
Intro to Theoretical Computer Science
Design of Computer Programs
Data Wrangling with MongoDB
Swift for Developers
Firebase in a Weekend: Android
Software Debugging
Deploying a Hadoop Cluster
Server-Side Swift
Networking for Web Developers
Intro to Physics
Intro to Relational Databases
ES6 – JavaScript Improved
Mobile Design and Usability for iOS
Intro to AJAX
Intro to Algorithms
The MVC Pattern in Ruby
WeChat Mini Program Development
Asynchronous JavaScript Requests
Embedded Systems
High Performance Computing
HTTP & Web Servers
Advanced Android with Kotlin
Computability, Complexity & Algorithms
Advanced Operating Systems
Passwordless Login Solutions for iOS
Version Control with Git
Firebase in a Weekend: iOS
Intro to Point & Click App Development
Deploying Applications with Heroku
Applied Cryptography
Java Programming Basics
C++ For Programmers
Intro to Backend
JavaScript and the DOM
Firebase Analytics: Android
Configuring Linux Web Servers
How to Make an iOS App
Intro to DevOps
Google Maps APIs
Passwordless Login Solutions for Android
Mobile Design and Usability for Android
iOS Design Patterns
Intro to Psychology
Engagement & Monetization | Mobile Games
Material Design for Android Developers

Free Career Courses

Craft Your Cover Letter
Refresh Your Resume
Strengthen Your LinkedIn Network & Brand
Data Science Interview Prep
Android Interview Prep
Machine Learning Interview Preparation
Front-End Interview Prep
Full-Stack Interview Prep
Data Structures & Algorithms in Swift
iOS Interview Prep
VR Interview Prep

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